This blog documents the process and progress of a video project.

The project spans from July 1st 2009 until March 25th 2010.

Delineating the evolution of a city through our methods of recording history. Moments are captured by the scrawl of pen, ink of a press, flash of a camera, whir of a Super 8, or a click of an iphone. History seems as though it is speeding up, because we are so much more able to record it, and so much more seems to happen at every instance. EVOLUcity explores these technologies and how they have informed our cities’ evolution.
Following a girl through her constructed memories, we witness her understanding of the past, informed by inserting herself into the various eras. In the past memories have been recorded on paper, this is changing in our digital age. The paper environments allude to the physicality of our documented past. EVOLUcity explores the zeitgeist alive in our urban landscapes and in our own imaginations.

Please feel free to leave comments &/or criticisms!

You can visit:  http://www.ooohlala.ca   to see some of my other work!

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